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Power Me 2600

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The revolutionary Noontec PowerMe 2600 mobile battery pack will virtually charge your iPhone, iPod with its innovative 2600mAh, capacious battery. It is a handy emergency power supply for your iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone while you are travelling and will instantly bring your iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone back to life with a spectacular power boost. This convenient, protective battery pack is surprisingly light-weight and compact, perfect for both day-to-day and on–the-going. Consequently, this Noontec battery pack can offer you the unrestrained freedom of more, videos, games, songs, photos and more with no added hassle. For an exciting experience with your iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone, own an accommodatingly accessible Noontec PowerMe 2600 moblile battery pack today.


  High capacity Samsung battery-2600mAh

  LED lamps with high brightness

  Automatically disconnects to prevent overcharging once battery is full

  For your security: Short-circuit protection, Anti-overcharge protection, Anti-discharge  protection.

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- Built-in large capacity battery
- High quality battery cell 
- USB interface, plug and play
- LED lamps with high brightness
- Product unit
- User Manual
- USB Charging Cable
- Connectors for:
- Apple /Nokia/MiniUSB/Micro USB


iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, smart phone, digital camera, DV

Charging Sources

PC USB, iPhone power adapter or other mobile phone adapters

Battery capacity


Input voltage/current

DC5V 800mA(MAX)

Output voltage/current

DC 5V – 1000mA

Working temperature

-10 -- 50


101.7 X 23.1 X 22.8(mm)  (L x W x H)



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