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Youtube is currently not working due to Youtube changed the connection code. New firmware:
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Noontec Android TV is Here.

Noontec N5(U1)
firmware update address: PLEASE NOTE, U1 IS N5.

This Noontec device is designed to be firmware upgradable; however this procedure may only be carried out by someone with experience in doing firmware upgrades, or by factory-trained technicians at the Noontec service centre.


You should not need to upgrade the firmware, unless you have been instructed to do so by a Noontec representative.


Be aware that flashing the device with non-official firmware may damage the device and render it non-functional.


Units found with non-official firmware’s installed will only be repaired/replaced at your cost, by returning it to the Noontec Service centre for repair on a chargeable time and material basis.


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