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l Q: How do I format the HDD and Install BT/Samba software in Pro-series players?


1.   A: You need to format the hard disk AND Install BT/Samba Software before you can use this unit and get the BT/Samba Function.

2.   Please unzip the files (4files) from the Noontec Disk and Copy files to an EMPTY USB thumb drive.

3.   Plug the USB thumb drive into the Players USB host port.

4.   Connect your Player to your TV; switch both the Player and TV on.

5.   Please choose OK after you see the HDD Format message.

6.   After the formatting is complete, the system will install the BT/Samba automatically. Please select ENTER to go to the next step.

7.   The system will install automatically.

8.   When the installation is completed, the system will display a message indicating that the installation was successful.

9.   After the re-boot, you can start to use the features.

l  A: Obtain an official firmware release. Copy the firmware file to the root of a USB thumb drive, and insert it into the USB Host port. Then use the Menu to go to Setup, System and Firmware Update, choose Update with the remote, and press ENTER, and wait for it to reboot.

It will take around 30-50 seconds to load the Noontec logo on your TV, then you should see activity on your thumb drive LED as it copies the firmware to the device, then the screen will change to a moving progress bar with a warning not to power-off the unit. Once done, it will pause for 10 seconds or so, and reboot automatically, so don't turn the Player's power off at all during the flash process. If your TV is connected via HDMI, some TVs will not show anything during the flash process. Either leave the player for around 5 minutes to be sure it has completed the flash process, or connect your TV via the Composite connector.

l  Q: v9-T online video function: 

l  A: This Media Player is capable of playing many different kinds of video formats. However, not all internet-sourced videos are necessarily supported - some internet-sourced videos may not play back, due to the way the audio and video streams may have been repacked or encoded, as there are too many different ways for this to be done and they are often changing over time.


l  The format containers listed in the manual as being supported were tested on this Media Player during production, however there is no guarantee that videos produced after this time using these containers will continue to be encoded by the video producers to the same standards.



l  Q: Do I need to download the latest firmware from the manufacturers web site regularly?


l  A: The manufacturers do not recommend customers to upgrade unless the manufacturers have made a clear announcement to require customers to do so. So you should always check the notices from manufacturers before you upgrade any firmware.  


l   Please do not upgrade A6 powers firmware due to the fact that it is not working for Australian models.



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